Two of My Favorite People



Excuse me, but I have to tell you something important.


Are you ready?




I get to see my parents tomorrow!!!





Do you understand how excited I am about that?!


I don’t care how “grown-up” I am or ever will be – I still love my parents with all of my heart and yearn to see them every day, and I always will. And tomorrow just happens to be my mom’s birthday, and Saturday is their thirty-first wedding anniversary. I am so glad I get to spend this weekend with them!


Five hundred miles separate me from my parents, and while that’s not exactly the other side of the world – or even the country – it’s still too far.


Yes, I know that no matter the distance they are only a phone call away, and I am so thankful for that. But nothing can replace the hugs and the smiles, the games played and the meals shared.


About four months ago I had the chance to spend a week with them, but I haven’t seen them since, and I am experiencing major withdrawals.


It’s a strange kind of homesickness.


I no longer consider my parents’ house my home – not exactly anyway; but my parents themselves, no matter where they might be, are “home” to me. They represent love and laughter and a million shared memories that I never want to lose.


My “home” has grown in the years since I moved out of my parents’ house. My husband is home to me now – and so are all the fun and crazy people that came with him. More love and laughter and memories are being enjoyed every day.


But my own parents will forever be a special kind of “home” to me. And I want to take just a moment to say thank you to them, two of my favorite people.


In no particular order…


  • Thank you for loving God out loud and every day and for raising me to love Him too.
  • Thank you for bedtime prayers, family devotions, and driving two hours to church every Sunday morning.
  • Thank you for unashamed discipline and unshakeable principles.
  • Thank you for teaching me to work hard and to appreciate the value of something earned.
  • Thank you for mac-n-mush, goulash, tuna casserole, meat-willie, and homemade pizza.
  • Thank you for never letting me go to bed without a kiss, an “I love you,” and a prayer.
  • Thank you for being comfortable with saying “no.”
  • Thank you for snowball fights, hay forts, tire-swings, and toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • Thank you for crying with me when Keet died.
  • Thank you for all-day “field trips” to work horseback and getting to lean on mom in the truck because she was softest.
  • Thank you for praying for me every day.
  • Thank you for family vacations, camping trips, and getting to trudge through the snow and over the barbed wire fence to pick out our own Christmas tree every year.
  • Thank you for showing us the joy of sand rocks, tree forts, and imagination.
  • Thank you for inside jokes, nicknames, and made-up songs about squirrels and cereal.
  • Thank you for never giving up on me as a rebellious teen.
  • Thank you for holding hands and unabashedly kissing each other in public.
  • Thank you for embarrassing me every-now-and-then to keep me humble.
  • Thank you for setting a beautiful example for me in life and in love.
  • Thank you for long drives, buffalo distractions, and singing in the car.
  • Thank you for loving each other through thick and thin for the past thirty-one years. Happy anniversary mom and dad. I love you.


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  1. wonderful tribute to your folks…. congratulations to them on their steady years of marriage (something that is not so common these days)… and I know they will thank YOU when they see this post…. you will make them proud. Enjoy your time together….

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