The DNA of Joy

Copyright Emily Sirkel Photography

My husband and I had the privilege of attending a marriage seminar this weekend led by Dr. Paul David Tripp. We first heard Dr. Tripp speak a couple years ago when we were living outside of Austin and he came to the Austin Stone as a guest speaker. During both that first encounter and this most recent one, we were impressed by his hilarious, dry sense of humor, perfect comedic timing, deep wisdom – and of course – his awesome mustache.

If you ever have a chance to attend one of his seminars or read one of his books – do it. I mean it. The topic of this weekend was “What Did You Expect?” and it was both powerful and hilarious. My abs still hurt from laughter and my heart from conviction.

I gathered eleven pages of incredible gems of truth to reflect upon from the weekend, and I will probably draw upon my notes a number of times in the coming weeks. The things we covered are applicable not just to marriage, but to any relationship. Today, I just want to share one short but powerful statement from Dr. Tripp:

“The DNA of joy is thankfulness.”

Conversely, the one thing that steals our joy more quickly than anything else is complaining. When we fail to feel or express gratitude for the good things in life and instead choose to complain about the bad things, there is no room for joy in our hearts. When thankfulness is replaced by whining, criticism, impatience, frustration, judgement, irritation, or a sense of entitlement… we become incapable of fostering joy in our lives.

Okay, I’ll leave it at that. Just something to think about as we start another week!