Learning to Thrive in a Chaotic World

Life gets so busy sometimes.


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Okay, life is busy all the time.

I keep thinking that an easier pace of life is just around the corner. I tell myself, “When I get that project finished, I’ll have time to breathe,” or, “When this Bible study is over, I’ll have more free nights,” or, “After the holidays, things will slow down.”

But somehow, “When” never gets here.

So I’m learning, slowly, how to deal with the chaos. Because the truth is, the chaos will never end. I mean really, I don’t even have kids yet, so who am I kidding?! In reality, my life is on track toward becoming more and more busy, chaotic, stressful and crowded.

Bring it on.

Instead of hoping and waiting for the chaos to become less chaotic (because I now realize that will never happen in this world) I am learning to thrive despite the chaos.

So here is my blog; brand new, a little empty, but determined to be a place where I can flesh out just what it means to thrive in a broken and spinning world.

Be forewarned, I am a recovering perfectionist.

I have stalled launching this blog for months now, because I was worried about getting everything just perfect first. But you know what? Perfect is overrated. Today I’m taking the first step, because without getting started I’ll never get anywhere.

I invite you to tag along as I embark on this journey of writing, and I implore you to do as much talking as listening. Join in the conversation, respond to what I’m saying, and feel free to speak up when you disagree. Together, we’re going to learn how to thrive.


5 Replies to “Learning to Thrive in a Chaotic World”

  1. Hi Emily – Your blog is beautiful! Your photography just draws a person in. You are right – “Perfect is overrated.” I actually think it is a lie the enemy whispers into our souls because if we believe it, we will never do anything. We will never start anything. We will just exist. The truth is that we are all imperfect beings that our God has chosen to reside in & work through. Keep. On. Going.

    Blessings on your blog!!

    1. Thank you Joanne – I greatly appreciate the encouragement! And yes, you are so right about the lies of the enemy keeping us from ever getting started. If we never get started, we’ll never get anywhere! John Maxwell stated this concept beautifully:

      “You have to get started if you want to find the best way. It’s similar to driving on an unfamiliar road at night. Ideally, you’d like to be able to see your whole route before you begin. But you see it progressively. As you move forward, a little more of the road is revealed to you. If you want to see more of the way, then get moving.” (http://bit.ly/Wxu4P4)

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