In The Head-Over-Heels, Forever-And-Always, Till-Death-Do-Us-Part Kind of Way…

Copyright Bethany Crosby

For those of you who know my husband and I personally, you know that we’re corny. You’ve heard our cheesy lines, seen the t-shirts, and witnessed our unabashed public displays of affection. And if you don’t know us, well, believe me – we’re corny.



Copyright Bethany Crosby


Yes, Geoff frequently whistles when I walk into the room. Yes, he has been known to say things like, “My wife’s so good looking, I buy her presents for my birthday.”


Yes, I have a t-shirt and a sweatshirt that both say, “I love my husband.” Yes, Geoff has a wardrobe to match.


Yes, we miss each other if we haven’t seen or talked to each other for a few hours. Yes, we hug for a solid thirty-seconds every day when I get home from work.


Yes, we sit on the same side of the booth when eating out on date night. Yes, we hold hands while walking through the parking lot – or anywhere – together.


Yes, we leave “I love you!” post-it-notes on the bathroom mirror. Yes, we exchange “You’re my favorite!” text messages on a regular basis.


Yes, we’ve been married for more than four years, and yes, we still act like newlyweds.


On occasion we do make our friends blush – like when Geoff grabs me for one of those iconic Times Square sailor kisses in the middle of work (sorry about that, Bethany…) or when a friend inadvertently intercepts what we’re saying to each other with our eyes.


The point is, we love each other. In the head-over-heels, forever-and-always, till-death-do-us-part kind of way. And we have realized the huge importance of finding ways to show that every day.


In this crazy, chaotic, demanding business we call life, it’s far too easy to get overwhelmed, worn down and burnt out. Geoff and I are each other’s best friend. We’re each other’s strongest supporter and biggest encourager. We’re each other’s first line of defense against discouragement, pessimism, melancholy, apathy, despair, and every other trap the enemy lays for us.


We know that God specially prepared us to be each other’s partner in life. There’s no one else in the world better equipped to love me than Geoff Sirkel, and vice versa. And we’re not taking that for granted.


We strive to make the most out of every moment God has given us together. Our little corny acts of love are our way of expressing the incomparable joy of being made for each other.


No, our marriage isn’t “perfect,” and it’s not always easy. It takes a lot of work. It takes daily sacrifices and daily decisions to put each other first. But it’s so worth it.



Married friends: What’s the silliest thing you and your spouse do? How do you both express the joy you find in loving each other? Single friends: What’s something you see some married couples do that always brings a smile to your face?

What I Love About This Time of Year

Autumn is my favorite season.


I really enjoy every season, but there’s just something about autumn that fills me with peace.



Maybe it’s the wind that blows color off the trees and through the air, gently pelting my windows and filling my driveway with red, yellow, orange and brown.


Maybe it’s the acorn shells and crunchy leaves that create a competitive hopscotch game down the sidewalk when taking a laughter-filled stroll with my husband and friends.


Maybe it’s the crisp air and the smell of a backyard campfire as the evening shadows get long and the sunshine turns golden.


Maybe it’s sipping hot cider from a steaming mug, curled up with a blanket and a book on a Saturday afternoon.


Maybe it’s the cold mornings that give me permission to bundle up in scarves and mittens and let the heater in my car warm my toes.


Or maybe it’s just knowing that the holidays are upon us, and with them the cherished visits with family and friends. Remembering the missing faces and welcoming the new ones. Enjoying conversation over good food, and laughter over shared memories. Exchanging stories, gifts, elbow nudges and meaningful looks. Practicing old traditions and starting new ones.


My husband and I haven’t really started any holiday traditions yet, but I’m sure that will come with time and with children. In the meantime, I enjoy reflecting on those from my childhood, like eating clam chowder and popcorn on Thanksgiving, or always reading the Christmas story before opening our presents on Christmas morning.


Most of all, I cherish those memories of my family together. Laughing, praying, singing, eating, opening presents, playing games, working on puzzles, going for afternoon walks with the dogs, and loving each other, no matter what.


The holidays look a little different now that I’ve grown up, moved away, and gotten married. My family more than doubled in size when Geoff and I said “I do,” and this will be my fifth holiday season with all the craziness of a big family that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I now juggle two halves of my much larger family, all in different locations with hundreds of miles of highway separating our homes. But somehow, even when distance keeps us apart, we’re all a lot closer this time of year.


I count my blessings every day, but when autumn arrives and then begins to fade into winter, my heart hums with the peace, love and joy of family.


Question: What do you love about this time of year? Do you have any fun family traditions you do during the holidays?